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High Performance Movement Improvement


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The Movement Mechanics
20+ years in the making

 The passion for training athletes and clients started in the Fall of 1996 when I first started training athletes. Since then, I have developed a system of training that improves the way clients move and perform and has achieved amazing results with thousands of clients.


My background is in competing and coaching track & field at every level- from youth to professional. Most of my time was spent at the NCAA Division I.  So, I have spent my career helping people move better, run faster, throw farther, and jump higher. I also have a background in skateboarding, BMX, Motocross, parkour, surfing and more.


The philosophy here at Movement Mechanics is High Performance Human Improvement. It will give you the most bang for your buck.  This isn't fitness to just look good, this is fitness to function at your best. That looking good part is always the icing on the cake! 

For the last 10 years, we have specialized in working with clients who suffer with back, knee, and shoulder pain. We regularly work with clients with sciatica and have a great track record with improving that situation. We can't cure or fix everything, but we want the chance to improve your situation and quality of life. If we can't help you, we use a network of medical professionals that can!

Our Unique Niche

Our unique specialty is bridging the gap between physical therapy and real life. Many clients who receive physical therapy finish but are not at 100% of their old self.  We have worked hard at becoming the experts at bridging that gap. ACL reconstruction, spinal fusion, shoulder surgery and more can benefit from our services post physical therapy. Many say they get to an even better outcome than before!  

You can train with us ON YOUR PHONE!

Now you can take us with you anywhere in the world! Our training app allows you to see your workouts, see videos of exercises, track progress, chat and more! We currently have clients in 3 countries and all over the USA using the app. We can even do corrective exercise for people who have pain and want to try our Movement Improvement System. 


How We Came to Be

In 2004, I opened Foundation Strength & Conditioning in my one car garage in San Diego. From 2008 to 2014, we worked with thousands of clients looking to become better versions of themselves in our clinic in Carlsbad that included our gym, chiropractic, physical therapy and massage.  

In 2014, I sold Foundation Strength and another gym and opened Central Valley Strength in Fresno. We are also now teaching our training system to trainers and athletes around the world.

Wether it be  sports performance, training to live with less pain, or weight loss, we can help you without all the gimmicky noise that currently surrounds the fitness industry. We use science-backed, tried and true methods to achieve results that our clients didn't think were possible. 

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Michael LoBue

The Movement Mechanics



High Performance

Human Improvement


Our Staff

Michael LoBue


Maggie LoBue


Nutrition/ Meal Prep

Counseling, Meal Plans, Meal Prep Meals, Classes, and more. We use only the best resources for these services.  

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Kid Ninja 

Kids 3-10 yrs old

Learn the fundamentals of Ninja Warrior, 

Parkour, & Obstacle Course Racing in a scaled-down environment. 



Our Address:


(Clovis location pending)

6130 W San Jose

Fresno, CA 93723

Insta: @The_Movement_Mechanics



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