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High Performance Human Improvement

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This isn't your regular gimmicky fitness program!

At The Movement Mechanics, we take a very scientific approach to fitness. We specialize in "Movement Improvement Training." With 20+ years of performance based training under our belt, our goal is to get REAL RESULTS with our clients. It's NEVER about making you so sore you can't function or train so hard you throw up. It's about doing the right things to improve your function and help you reach your goals as fast as possible. 

If your goal is weight loss, athletic performance, overall health, pain reduction**, or just looking good naked, our approach has proven hands-down to be faster and more effective than general personal training, boot camps , yoga, or other fitness programs. This isn't us being cocky, this is what our clients are saying- over 5000 of them.

Do you have PAIN? 

Our other specialty is working with people who have chronic or specific pain. We have worked with thousands of clients who have had knee, back, or shoulder pain with AMAZING RESULTS. Clients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Scoliosis, and more have had great results in our program.


Post Surgery & Physical Therapy Work

If you had surgery and you are done with physical therapy and still don't feel better, come see us! We have spent over 20 years bridging that gap back to full recovery. 

We Offer THREE Options for Training! 

We offer training at either one of our studios and online via the app Trainerize. Please contact us for more info on online training anywhere in the world! 


Sport Performance Training

A sport performance program is much more than an agility ladder, a sled, and some bungees. Ditch the cattle-call classes that train every athlete the same regardless of sport or body-type and come and try our way. We take the same approach with you that we take with our professional athletes. We do a detailed movement and athletic assessment and build a CUSTOM program to get your body to the highest potential. We take the time with you to develop your talent. Don't waste your time anywhere else. We aren't a football only program. We have trained athletes in every sport traditional and extreme. 


Obstacle Course Racing

Are you a Spartan, Epic, Tough Mudder or other obstacle course racer? We can help you learn all the skills for racing as well as help condition you to do it faster and with fewer burpees than your competitors. 

Our program takes a well-rounded approach to training that includes strength training, running, and obstacle skill training that gives you and edge with your competitors. Come give us a try. Group training options available! 

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Youth Strength Training/ Exercise

Kids are not just tiny adults. Their bodies need special attention with strength work to avoid injuries and burn out. We specialize in training youth athletes and non athletes in a fun environment that will teach them to love exercise and help them grow into healthy adults. 

And NO- strength training is NOT BAD for kids. Childhood obesity is. 

That old saying is 20 years outdated and WRONG! 

Our training is fundamentals-based and high in variety to avoid boredom and over-training. We use many different training methods to keep your kid excited about coming to train.


Kettlebell Sport Training/ Competition

The Movement Mechanics is the ONLY kettlebell sport training facility in Fresno and the Central Valley. We have been teaching kettlebell training since 2001 and kettlebell sport since 2010. This isn't Crossfit (those guys are great, but we just aren't that). This is a completely different sport that those athletes can also excel in. So if you are looking for something different and challenging to try, come try kettlebell sport! All ages kids to adults can learn this fun sport. 

Our kettlebell sport team- Team Girevik Gear- competes locally and around the country. The World Championships are in February, in California, so we are in a hot bed of great competitions! No experience necessary. We teach new people all the time! 

Kettlebell sport consists of three main events: Jerk, Snatch, and Long Cycle (clean & jerk). Events are 5 min and 10 min but there are also 1/2 marathon and marathon (3 min/ 1 hour) options too. It's great cross training for obstacle course racing, triathlon, MMA, wrestling, motocross, or any sport that requires you to be strong and have endurance. 

We offer TWO FREE SESSIONS for people looking to learn kettlebell sport. Contact us for more info.

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Kid Ninja Class

Let's get FREESTYLE!

Kid Ninja is our 3-10 year old Ninja Parkour, obstacle course class. This class is a curriculum-based fitness class designed to develop overall athleticism. We have taught this curriculum in three countries as a PE option for elementary schools, preschools, home school co-ops, and special ed classes as a way of getting kids moving and excited about exercise. 

Classes in CLOVIS! 

See schedule on Kid Ninja page!. 

Check Kid Ninja Page for CAMPS!


We also offer a mobile service that caters to kids 3-10 years old. We can do our Kid Ninja Class at your birthday party, preschool class, block party, or home school group. Call us at 559.797.0320 to discuss options.


Pole Vault Training Program

We offer the Central Valley's only preseason pole vault training program. This program consists of vault-specific work as well as strength & conditioning, speed development, gymnastic work for vaulters, and more like helping athletes with the transition to collegiate vaulting if that is their plan. 

Vault/ drill sessions are held at our West Fresno facility, but strength and conditioning can be done at either place. We have poles for practices available, but you are welcome to use your own poles. 

Space is limited. We begin preseason practices in September and run through mid June or whenever the season ends. Most athletes train with us until their school season starts and come back for sessions when they need help with something specific. 

Contact us for more info. AGES: 10 and up! 

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