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Movement Mechanic's Seminars September 2021-2022

Movement Mechanics
Fundamentals Clinic
@ Doc's Gym, Clovis

November 6, 2021
Doc's Gym
263 N Minnewawa, Clovis


Movement Mechanics
Fundamentals Clinic
@ Doc's Gym, Clovis

January 23, 2022
Doc's Gym
263 N Minnewawa, Clovis CA

Clinic Overview

The Movement Mechanic's clinics are geared around improving your skills in the gym as well as introduce you to new and different ways of training in a safe and structured environment. 

Our clinics have been taught in three countries and promise to leave you with many new tools for your fitness and wellness toolbox. In the four hour session, you will cover the fundamentals of lifting (everyone can benefit from a tune up) as well as show you new methods that the pros are using to get REAL RESULTS. 

The itinerary is always being updated, but some of the things that have been covered are-

  • Fundamental Movements: squat, deadlift, bench, row, swing                (always included)

  • Mobility & Stability Training (and how to incorporate it)

  • Kettlebell Fundamentals (always included)

  • Olympic Lifting Fundamentals

  • Plyometrics (when & how to use them)

  • Optimized Core Training (and why it's not all crunches & planks)

  • Running & Sprinting Technique (at ANY age!)

  • How to Program for Success 

  • Obstacle Course Racing Training

  • Adult Parkour (get moving like a kid again!)

  • And much more! 

Spots limited, so sign up in advance.

More questions? Text or call 559.797.0320


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