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The Movement Mechanics Go Global (no, really)!

Movement Mechanics Level 1: Cairo

The Movement Mechanics Level 1 Cert at Cairo American College. Awesome teachers!

Kid Ninja

In 2018, The Movement Mechanics were able to take a giant step that has been 10+ years in development. We were able to teach our Movement Improvement Training System outside of the United States- TWICE!

Our first trip was in April to teach in Cairo, Egypt at Cairo

American College. We rolled out our level 1 cert, which included a framework for a PE curriculum and introduced Kid Ninja as a class/ unit of their PE program. Overall, it was an enormous success and a lot of fun to teach people who directly affect our kids and help them build habits.

We were able to do do three more mini clinics a couple days later to teach other teachers, parents and athletes. The athlete session was awesome. So much of what I was stressing to them, landed and they were very interested in learning how to be better. So interested, that we went 45 minutes too long!

Teaching PE Teachers

Our second trip in 2018 is to Iceland. We will teach our system as well as host a pole vault clinic (my other life) while there for seven days. Im speaking at a personal trainer school/ gym. We are there October 3rd-11th and will be back just in time to open The Movement Mechanics- Clovis on October 15th.

We outta here!

Bye-Bye for now! See you in the GYM!

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